Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgers (NLDS)

I would rather the Braves have home field advantage against the Los Angeles Dodgers but I still think they have a good shot in the NLDS series.  The Braves were actually better on the road and luckily they won't see Clayton Kershaw until game two.  It'll be interesting if the Atlanta pitchers can solve them and how does manager Brian Snitker handle this team in his first take at managing the Braves in the playoffs.   

My big concern is Atlanta isn't good against good teams. Luckily the NL East was bad this year but in the playoffs there won't be any Miami Marlins or Philadelphia Phillies teams to beat up on.  Still Atlanta is a good team with a bunch of offensive weapons.  You don't luck in to 90 wins.  This team has such exciting young talent and I'm hoping they'll keep it going in the playoffs.  This season has been such fun watching these young guys produce.  If the offense keeps hitting and the pitching can step up I think they can compete with anyone they match up against.  Go Bravos!

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