Friday, October 12, 2018

October Trade Post #1 - Baseball

I did a trade recently with Chris Sutherland.  I've only done a couple but want to start doing more.  I sent my Green Bay Packers cards to Chris while he sent a great selection of cards back to me.  The list of those I collect is all over the place but he did me really well.  This post I'll look at the baseball cards he sent.  This is a small sampling and represent some of my favorites.  Tom Glavine in a Mets uniform is usually nothing but a bad thought but I like the throwback here making this my favorite of those I received.  Chris is taking a bit of a break from blogging at The Collector but I'm glad he contacted me about trading.
More of my Braves to include PC guys Chipper, Murph and Freeman.
 Some other PC guys in Burks and Molitor.  Great that Chris took to the time to look for those guys I was looking for and include them.  And Manny being Manny...
Some big stars from today.  All three helped their teams to the post season this year.  This is a great Craig Kimbrel card.  And Khris Davis hit .247 for the 4th year in a row!  How is that possible in any way, shape or form?  Amazing.
If Chris reaches out to you about a trade don't hesitate.  I'm very happy with my cards and I'll be showing off more in the upcoming days.  
Great photo of stud A's third baseman Matt Chapman on this 2018 Topps Stadium Club.


  1. It was fun watching Chapman scoop up everything hit his way this past season. I hope he's rewarded with a Gold Glove Award this year.

  2. It is fun seeing great gloves at third base like him and Arenado. A photo of him on defense is definitely apropos .

  3. I'm thrilled that you like these cards, and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the rest.

    Btw, the Burks Fleer is the Rockies team set version. And I agree with you (and Fuji) about Chapman. I bought a few packs of Stadium Club at Target and one of them was an almost-exact repeat of a prior pack :/

    1. The football post went up yesterday and the basketball post goes up tomorrow morning (Tuesday). I've seen collation issues with sets from time to time to and it can drive ya crazy. Of course if it means good players I'm kinda OK with it but it never works out that way. Thanks again for everything.


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