Sunday, October 21, 2018

Red Sox to the World Series Against the Dodgers

 The Boston Red Sox are back to the World Series.  While a favorite to make it after a 108 win regular season the post season offers no promises.  It wasn't easy even if they did only lose two games in their series with New York and Houston.  Now the Red Sox will play a Los Angeles Dodgers team with plenty of firepower on offense and pitching I think can match Boston's.  I think the Chris Sale - Clayton Kershaw matchup could be epic - or at least i hope it will be.  After that I'm comfortable with Nathan Evaldi but you have to wonder what David Price will give the Sox.  His last outing was excellent but before that he was receiving an ovation for not losing a game over four innings.  The Red Sox bullpen is good but I'm not quite sure it is stacked enough to win a bunch of bullpen games.  Bottom line is I'm excited the Sox are in the World Series and I think they have a great chance to take it all.  Even better this is set up to be a very good series.  Go Sox!    


  1. Haven't decided who I'm gonna root for... but this Series should be one for the ages.

  2. I'm all in for the Sox of course, but I'm nervous. I feel like the Dodgers are due. At least it's a cross-coast matchup between two marquee franchises. Can't wait for first pitch!