Sunday, December 23, 2018

2013 Topps Football Retail Box

I stopped at a random Wal-Mart on the way home recently and saw this retail box of 2013 Topps Football for only $14.99.  I couldn't pass up that deal for 192 cards.  I was very happy with my pull and it was quite a bit of fun.  The box and set had plenty of variety to include inserts, parallels and subsets.  I had a great time with this fun surprise of a box.  Even with a 192 cards there were plenty of players I didn't pull to include Peyton Manning, Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald and Matt Ryan just to name a few so I'd give one of these a second shot if I run across it.  There are also photo variations but I didn't pull any of those.  
Plenty of stars of course with a box this big including a couple of quarterbacks who've both been in the conversation for league MVP.   
Some great photos of emotions from defensive players.
These inserts are definitely my favorite.  Pulling Tom Brady and Deion Sanders, two of my all-time favorites, made the pulls made it even sweeter.
I wish there were more cards honoring the past years champions like this one with a photo from the post-game celebration.  Maybe with photos from the game itself but I'm not sure why we don't see those kinds of cards anymore.  I was always a fan of the 1000 yard cards even though I always thought Topps should have adjusted with the advent of the 16 game schedule and made it a larger number (I know 1000 sounds cooler).  Topps added 4000 yard cards somewhere in the past. That number seems an appropriate throwing milestone for today's game. 
An RC card, Wal-Mart 1959 Continuity Blue RC, and the Robert Griffin III Rookie of the Year card.
A nice Antonio Brown card even if he is wearing the bumble bee uni.  An All-Pro J.J. Watt and Kansas City Chiefs team card as well.  
Included here is the Tom Brady bass card, a couple of All-Pro cards and a cammo parallel team card #'d to 399.  I didn't scan any of the gold parallels but those were #'d to 2013.

1959 Mini

192 – Total Cards (16 Packs X 12 Cards)
38 - RC
13 – Team Cards
10 – All-Pro
5 – 1959 Minis
4 – Future Legends
4 – Legends in the Making
4 – 1000 Yard Club
3 – 4000 Yard Club
3 – Wal-Mart Blue 1959 RC
2 – Gridiron Legends
2 – Gold Parallels (#/2013)
1 – Super Bowl XLVII Champions
1 – Camo Parallel (#/399)
1 – Rookie of the Year


  1. Nice looking Antonio Brown and Troy Polamalu cards. Good looking Barry Sanders insert too.

    1. I didn't even mention the Sanders mini. I'm not a mini guy but if I'm gonna pull one he is as good as it gets.

    2. I could not agree more on the Sanders card. He is the first non Steelers player that I followed and collected.

  2. I never knew that this set had mini's, you sure got a good one though!

    1. You aren't kidding. I din't realize they did either or had forgotten. Either way I love pulling Barry cards.

  3. Kudos to Topps and their great photography. Love all that action.

    1. I agree. The photos really are nice in this set.