Sunday, December 16, 2018

2018 Contenders Football Blaster Box

I always look forward to the Contenders brands so I was excited to see the 2018 Contenders football at my local Wal-Mart yesterday.  I picked up a blaster box which is a high price for 40 cards but you will pull a relic or autograph.  Mine was a Nick Chubb Rookie Ticket green parallel relic which you can see below. While not my favorite Contenders design I do like these cards.  The hobby boxes are expensive but boast five autographs and from what I've seen there are some pretty nice looking autographs to include some past greats of the game.  While that would be fun I just don't see myself picking one of those up anytime soon as they currently sit at just over $200.  Last year's hobby boxes are already near $400.  I'm sure the draw of Patrick Mahomes rookie ink is the huge draw there.  This was a fun box with plenty of stars and few inserts were good as well.  There will be more of these in my future.       
I had a great pull.  I haven't been able to track down a checklist for the set but my pull was very star heavy for 40 cards.  Last year's base set was 100 cards and I'd bet this years isn't much different.
There were was one insert per each eight card pack (not including the relic).  I like the Rookie of the Year and MVP Contenders cards.  Nice designs and I pulled a Tom Brady MVP Contender to throw into the personal collection.
  The backs aren't anything special but colorful.  While they take the easy way out using the same photo from the front, they do add the photo background here which makes it different enough to say good job.
The numbers stand for the following: 
Section - Weight
Row - Height (first number is feet/next #(s) are inches )  i.e. 511 is 5 feet 11 inches
Seat - Uniform Number
So I will definitely pick up more of these though I may look at the fat packs which have 22 cards in each.  Buying four packs would give you 88 cards for the same price of a blaster though no promise of a relic or auto.

Nick Chubb, the Georgia Bulldog alum and Cleveland Brown 2nd round pick, is having a good year.  He's averaging 5.3 yards per carry for a total of 760 yards.  He didn't make his first start until week 5 and has already had a career high of 176 rushing yards.  Unfortunately that was in a win against my Falcons.

40 - Total Cards
2 - MVP Contenders
2 - Rookie of the Year Contenders
1 - Round Numbers
1 - Rookie Ticket Green Parallel Relic


  1. Dude. You broke the code! I had no clue where they got the Section, Row, and Seat #'s from. Honestly... I just felt like they were just random numbers. Thank you for clarifying things.

    1. I remember trying to figure those things and like you couldn't for the life of me figure it out. Shouldn't be that hard...or maybe that is part of the fun. :)

  2. Cool info. Had no idea, but now I'll look forward to getting some cards to see the SEC, ROW, SEAT of my Lions guys.

    1. I didn't pull any in my pack but they're out there!