Friday, December 28, 2018

Random Wax: 2018-2019 Donruss Basketball

I picked up two Dollar Tree packs of the 2018-2019 Donruss basketball.  Dollar General packs are almost always dogs.  This is probably the best I've ever pulled from those.  Yellow flood parallels have me thinking back to 1991 Fleer baseball and they add a bit of variety you won't get from fat packs.  Plenty of stars and nice young players in my pull to include Victor Oladipo, Bradley Beal, Rudy Gobert, Josh Jackson and Jaren Jackson Jr.  I, like most, don't know yet where Markelle Fultz is as a player.  Hopefully Philly can gix him - whatever is broken.  I'm very happy with the cards I grabbed and the design is one I enjoy so a win all-around.  

10 – Total Cards (2 Dollar General Packs)
2 – Rated Rookie
2 – Yellow Flood

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