Thursday, December 20, 2018

Aquaman Movie Review (NO SPOILERS)

Loved Aquaman.  It was a ton of fun and my youngins, in their twenties, also really liked the movie.  It is easy to Jason Momoa as Aquaman.  No different from his take in Justice League he is a fun loving rough around the edges hero.  The characters and actors and actresses that fill out the movie are great compliments.  The "origin" part of the movie is fairly quick and still offers up action that is the main backdrop of the movie. 

Aquaman's main foils work well opposite him making each fun to watch.  I don't want to give away too much but the world of Atlantis has almost everything we know of Atlantis in the Aquaman world.  Not saying it is exactly the same as what we see on t-shirts, but there may be sea horses...just saying.  Bottom line Aquaman is a good movie.  If you are at all into the hero genre or just enjoy action adventure this is a good movie to go see.


  1. Does Wonder Woman make a guest appearance?

    1. She did not. I was kind of hoping too. :)

    2. Any Justice League member cameos?

    3. None whatsoever. I really expected at least one but nothing. Didn't detract from the movie at all but it really surprised me.