Tuesday, November 12, 2019

1991-1992 Upper Deck Basketball Locker

1991-1992 Upper Deck Basketball Locker:  I've seen these lockers at card shows in the past but I decided to grab one at last months card show in St. Louis.  There were six lockers in the series with mine being #6.  Each had a different photo of Michael Jordan on the side.  This is a great set with Upper Deck nailing it with their first basketball set.  This Drexler has a great photo of Drexler about to lay it in in after what I'd think was him stealing the ball.  Karl Malone is flat footed in the back ground on the other end of the court.
These team checklists are a big highlight of the set for me.  I love the art Upper Deck put on these cards across the different Upper Deck sets.  There were more than one per pack in my pull which seemed out of the norm but I'm OK with that.
A few of the stars I pulled.  Drexler makes another appearance in the Karl Malone card.
A few good rookies in this pack.  Would have liked to have seen Dee Brown doing a dunk.
A few of the NBA Draft cards.  The clothing styles takes me back!
A few personal collection guys.

This is what the lockers look like (not my photo).  I busted an entire box in the past and would probably do it again if given the chance.  I really like this set.
This is the only hologram I pulled but it is of a great player and PC guy.  I was really happy with how this card scanned.  This locker was fun and brought back a lot of fun memories.

84 – Total Cards (12 packs X 7 cards)
25 – Team Checklist
8  – NBA Draft
7 – Rookie Standouts
2 – Checklist
1 – Hologram


  1. Such a cool set, I've considered trying to complete it but I've got so many other unfinished sets ahead of it. The team checklist art cards are my favorite too.

    1. Glad to see others appreciate those art cards. My set is about complete. I just can't say not to these early Upper Deck offerings.

  2. 1991-92 Upper Deck was a beautifully designed set. It's just a shame that it was so overproduced. I opened up a ton of the Low Series stuff searching for Larry Johnson rookie cards. Not sure if you pulled one, but I also love the Magic Johnson/Michael Jordan card in that set. And that Robinson hologram sure brings back memories.

  3. I didn't grab a Johnson rookie. Definitely would have showed him off. You're right there are still a ton of these cards out there. Too bad that's the case with such a good set.

  4. I got two of these boxes last year, but just never got around to covering them on the blog, and the cards have since been added to various collections/given away. If memory serves, the highlights were two Jerry West Basketball Heroes, and a Derrick Coleman hologram, which was cool, but not as cool as your hologram of the Admiral.

    1. I was bummed not to pull any Jerry West cards but still happy with my pull.