Sunday, November 24, 2019

2019 Playoff Football

2019 Playoff Football:  I like this year's offering of Playoff football.  I had to start out with this great Deion Sanders card.  It was a tough decision between this and the Roger Staubach.  The retired greats in this set really scratch an itch for me.  The design is a good one.  Not distracting from the photo.  This Deion is actually a green parallel though it is pretty much impossible to see.  I'm OK with that as the green detracts from the black and red that should stand out on a Falcons' card. 
Plenty of current stars will be found in your packs of course with this trio of quarterbacks highlighting my signal callers.
I'm not sure about either of these inserts yet.  Maybe they'll grown on me.
The backs are nice and colorful.  They could use a few more lines of stats but I'll be happy with the colorful design and duplicate rear photo.  Good to see players in their new unis like Jadeveon Clowney.
Did I tell you I like seeing retired greats on new cardboard?  I think all three of these are great photos but that Staubach really stands out to me.  This was a fun pack.  I'll definitely pick up more.  I'm hoping I'll see a bit more from the inserts though.  

40 – Total Cards
10 – Retired Greats
5 – RC
2 – Green Parallel
1 – Rookie Wave
1 – Thunder & Lightning


  1. This is a really nice set and the inserts are sharp, too. I'm glad you post these football pack breaks, I almost never get to see what new football sets look like because almost all of the other sports card bloggers focus on baseball.

    Would you be willing to part with that Favre in a PWE swap? ;)

    1. More than happy to send him your way! I'm with you. I would like seeing more football breaks.

    2. Thanks! I'll send something your way very soon :)

  2. Name wise, that was a pretty solid pack! I always enjoy seeing the sets with a lot of retired greats as well, kind of surprised that you were able to get so many in one pack though.

  3. 10 seemed high to me as well. They were well received and a nice surprise.

  4. Glad to see Deion in the Falcons jersey. He'll always be a Dirty Bird in my eyes.

    1. I agree. Next we need to see him on new cardboard in the Falcons red jersey which he wore his rookie season.

  5. This years Playoff looks much better than in previous years. Next time I’m out I pay have to grab a pack so I can witness these first hand as well.