Friday, November 22, 2019

2019 Smackdown Live Wrestling Cards

2019 Smackdown Live:    Wrestling cards are always fun and this pack was no different.  Topps is giving each the WWE platforms their own card series this year which is fun.  Some will say it is a little too much and repetitive.  I won't disagree but I do enjoy these cards and like Topps' approach this year.
I like the design of the basic cards and the different inserts.  The backs are simple but have a good write-up.
Plenty of in-ring photos which are always good.  These are all pretty good shots.
The ladies as always get to shine along with their male counterparts.  
This was a fun pack.   Topps does a good job with the WWE brand and this is no different.  I will be curious though if they stay with the set per WWE model next year.

20 – Total Cards
4 – Retired Greats
2 – Corey Says
2 – 20 Years of Smackdown
1 – Green Parallel
1 - SmackDown Women's Evolution


  1. It's kind of weird to see that version of the Big Boss Man on a Smackdown card, as he certainly never appeared on the show under that guise.

    1. That's true and I hadn't thought of that. Topps getting these guys on cardboard whenever they can I'm sure.

  2. Piper + Brown + Asuka = Solid Pack