Thursday, November 7, 2019

Random Wax: 2019 Donruss Football

2019 Donruss Football:  This is one of those Dollar Tree eight card retail packs.  A fun pack for the size.  Hall of FamerTerry Bradshaw leads us off.  Definitely a draw to this brand is those retired greats.
    So odd seeing Clay Matthews not in a Packers' uni.  He is currently out with a broken jaw but I think he might return sometime soon.  Drafted 7th overall in this year's draft Josh Allen already has seven sacks as an edge rusher.  The backs are pretty blah but it is what you get with this brand year in and year out.

Can't go wrong with Russell Wilson.  There is definitely more Donruss football in my future.

8 – Total Cards
1 – Rated Rookie
1 – Retired Great


  1. Super weird seeing Clay in a Rams uniform. Go Pack Go!

    1. It is. Was hoping he's be a Packer for life but that is rare these days.

  2. I'm so out of the loop with what's currently going on that I didn't even know that Clay had moved on to the Rams, I was actually sort of under the impression that he had retired.

    1. Some of these moves go under the radar. I found out by seeing him play in a game for the Rams. I had no idea either.