Tuesday, November 19, 2019

2019-2020 Hoops Basketball with Autograph

2019-2020 Hoops Basketball:  My first pack of Hoops for the year and I grab Zion.  Good start.  The design on these is a good one.  Maybe not great but very solid.  I pulled an auto in this pack which is always a great surprise.  It is Ky Bowman (end of post) who is doing alright in his rookie campaign with the Golden State Warriors.    
  The Zion definitely helps any pull but these three also made this a good pack.  The set is 300 cards strong including the Tribute subset so there are plenty of players to pull.  
The Hoops Tribute cards are where you'll find a mix of retired greats, current stars and rookies.
I usually like the Lights, Camera, Action cards.  This version is one that I'm still warming up to.
The backs are the standard boring backs you normally see with Hoops.  Had to get the Mike Scott card in just for the headband he is rocking.  The Josh Jackson photo is a good one as well.
I like the design this year and was happy with my pack.  A Zion and an auto just sweeten the pot.  I seem to pull quite a few auto from Hoops and this continues that streak.  I look forward to more of these as the year goes on and I am seriously considering picking up one of the Hoops holiday blasters I'm seeing in stores now.

30 – Total Cards
6 – RC
2 – Lights Camera Action
1 – Hoops Tribute
1 – Arriving Now
1 – Retired Great
1 – Teal Explosion
1 – Great Significance Autograph


  1. Pretty cool. I don't collect basketball, but would love to pick up some Hoops because of the rookie class.

    1. Definitely some great young talent. Can't wait to see Zion on the court.

  2. This is my first look at the base cards. I like them!

    1. I think it is a solid design for sure. I'll definitely pick up more in the near future.

  3. The base design isn't for me, although none of Panini's Hoops sets have really been for me, as they all kind of look the same. I miss the days when Hoops looked radically different from year to year, of course that was pre-Panini, so one expected such changes back in the 90's. I do like the look of those Arriving Now inserts, although I probably wouldn't know who anyone in the set is, but at least it is actually something different from Panini.

  4. There are others who aren't fans of the design. It is a bit simplistic but works for me. The inserts are a plus.