Saturday, November 30, 2019

2019-2020 Upper Deck Hockey

2019-2020 Upper Deck Hockey:  I always look forward to the Upper Deck's hockey release because they do such a good job on their cards between the design and photos.  This year's design isn't a favorite of mine but it is still good.  This Tuukka Rask photo definitely definitely stood out to me.  Between the look in his eyes and the cool mask it is a winner.
Again the photos is something Upper Deck does a great job with.  Both of these are nice.  I'm picturing Matt Murray just finishing off a save there and the Max Domi shot is great with the Red Wings player flat on the ice watching the ice as a nice bonus.
The backs have a picture that  is a smaller/truncated version of the front photo.  Love the color and the colored team logo.  Very solid back.  I know foil logos on the front is an Upper Deck thing but it seems like a color team logo would be nice in some of the designs.  That said maybe the foil lets the photos do the talking while the logos take a backseat.
Some nice work on these horizontal offerings.
I had to add this Rasmus Dahlin photo because it just seems a bit different and out of place.  Dude is having a good year but this photo may not be his best look.  My Young Guns card in the pack was this checklist card below.  This was a fun pack.  May see more of this throughout the season. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
26 – Total Cards
1 – Young Guns


  1. Cool Hughes cl! I think I like this year's Young Guns design better than most, but the base border is a little odd to me. It's unobtrusive though, which allows that wonderful photography to shine.

    1. I liked that checklist card too. Haven't seen any other Young Guns in hand yet but like the photos I've seen.

  2. This post made me realize that I really don't follow hockey as much as I thought I did. I only recognize a few players in this post. Back in the 90's, I knew even 3rd line players. I can still name the Sharks 3rd liners. But that's about it.

    1. I wish I knew more about hockey. Just don't have time to add it to my hobby and sports fandom full-time. It is a great sport. Maybe someday I'll be able to prioritize it more. That's pretty impressive you can come up with a 3rd line from the 90's!