Friday, November 15, 2019

1990-1991 Upper Deck Hockey High Series Box

1990-1991 Upper Deck High Series Hockey:  At the card show last month I went a little out of my normal collecting lane and picked up this hockey box. It was Upper Deck's first foray into hockey and they did a great job.  These have a great design and plenty of subsets.  Even though I'm not a knowledgeable hockey guy this was a fun box and I have plenty to show off.  Where else do you start except with Mario Lemieux and The Great One.
And you can't get enough Brett least not enough of Brett Hull singing Gloria...
These team checklist art cards are a favorite of mine across all their sets.
As expected Upper Deck has some great photos in this set.  The High Series packs have a mix of all 550 cards from the first series and high cards.
All-Star Game cards with in-game photos are great!
The young players were seen in plenty of subsets including the World Junior Champions, All-Rookie Team, and Draft cards.
Eric Lindros was under an exclusive contract with Score but Upper Deck still managed to get him in on cardboard via the World Junior Championship cards.
Plenty of stars in this set.
Retired Greats were also in the set as part of the Heroes of the NHL subset.  Great inclusion.  There were Award Winner cards as well.  
 The inventor of the Zamboni received some love on cardboard and Wayne Gretzky's card commemorating his 2000th point.
Yet another subset showcasing young players with the Star Rookie cards.  This is a great set. It hits all the marks with a good design, plenty of star power, and lots of variety with the great subsets.  For not a lot of money this was too much fun.  I'm glad I came across this box and might seek out more cheap hockey boxes in the future.
This set also featured the first release of Upper Deck's popular Young Guns cards.  

432 – Total Cards
2 – All-Star Game
23 – Young Guns
22 – World Junior Champions
20 – Heroes of the NHL
17 – Team Checklists
14 – Star Rookie
8 – Award Winners
5 – Number 1 Draft
4 – Hologram
3 - Checklists
3 – All-Rookie Team
2 – Accomplishments
2 – Frank Zamboni


  1. One of the greatest sets of my childhood, great box to choose!

  2. No regrets. The design, star power and variety are so good. It was a lot of fun.

  3. Still one of my five favorite hockey sets ever. Not just for the nostalgia and value but the marble, team-colored borders are a perfect design element.

    1. It is a really good design. One I've always liked.

  4. Such an awesome product. I've been looking for an affordable box of this stuff to bust. Just curious... were you able to build a complete high # set from this box?

    1. I wasn't able to. The mix with the low cards hampered building a set.