Friday, November 8, 2019

Mail Day from The Lost Collector

Approximately 175 awesome Boston Red Sox cards arrived last week from The Lost Collector.  He's a Yankees guy whom I sent some cards and he really outdid himself with all these great cards in return.  Who says Yankees and Red Sox fans can't get along?  Picking a favorite to start off with was hard but I had to go with this 2016 Topps Update David Ortiz All-Star Game card.  An all-time fave in Ortiz during his final year in the game, a great photo, and my love for in-game all-star game photos makes for a great card.
  World Series cards are great when they feature in game photos and ever better when they are from your team.
The cards I received were from all kinds of sets from different years including these of some all-time greats and one who may be on the way to being included in that group.
I always liked Adrian Gonzalez and was excited to see him become a Red Sox.  Unfortunately his time there was short but he was great during his tenor with the team.  Great shot of Tony Pena in his unique catching stance and I love that Triple Play set.
Plenty of David Ortiz with these cards which is awesome.  I like that card design on that Clemens card but not sure about that photo.
Plenty of shiny cards were included.
Pedro and Tim Wakefield are two of my favorite Red Sox players and PC guys.
Ellis Burks and Jim Rice are also right there at the top of my favorite Boston players.
More Red Sox World Series greatness.  I don't take those moments for granted.  That drought before the 2004 Championship was brutal.  You just don't know if and when that next opportunity will come.
I like that Mookie Betts card a lot.  Unfortunately the chances seem slimmer and slimmer that he'll be able to remain in Boston past 2020 if even that long.
I always liked Peavy with the Padres and was happy when he joined the Red Sox and won a championship with them in 2013.
I'm a fan of Kyle Larson (NASCAR) so this is a great card for me.
So many great cards I could have scanned forever.  Thanks again to AJ and make sure you check out his blog at The Lost Collector.


  1. It's always nice to see Red Sox World Series cards, and the Ortiz ASG card at the top is one of my favorites. I like the Varitek 2009 Topps card too, that's just a perfectly framed photo.

    1. Was so happy to get that ASG Ortiz. It was my first time seeing it and love that photo. Tons of good photos in this lot for sure.

  2. Thanks again for the great box of Yanks you sent me! Glad some of the Red Sox I sent were useful.

    1. I needed so many of these and they were such great cards.

  3. So many great cards! That Ortiz card at the top is one of the best cards from that set!

  4. I was waiting to see how A.J. would respond to the box of Yankees that you sent... and he didn't disappoint!

  5. That's the beauty of our hobby. It's brings together fans from even the biggest of rivalries.