Sunday, March 2, 2014

1993 Wild Card Superchrome High Numbers Box Break

The Natrone Means card is a chrome version of the 1993 Wild Card NFL cards.

One of the boxes I purchased from the local sports show yesterday was a 1993 Wild Card Superchrome High Numbers Box.  I wasn't familiar with these cards though I had seen the Wild Card baskeball and MLB cards before.  So I thought It'd be nice to strike out with something new.  The description of the set is at the bottom of this post. 

The box contained 18 cards with 12 cards per pack with a few extra inserts which gave me approximately 218 cards.  There were 6 chrome cards and 6 standard cards in each pack.  I'm not a big chrome guy and these weren't any different though I'll say they look better this morning in better light.  They seemed very dark last night under the light bulbs.  The front of the cards have the wild card logo in the upper left hand corner while the player's name, team, position and words "NFL PLAYERS" are on a gold "ribbon" along the bottom of the card.  There are no borders.  The photos are nice though I noticed two of which where the player's card I was looking at was obscured for the most part by another player.  Can't say I've seen that to this extent before.  It was very obvious.  The Patriots show the players in their older red jerseys as well as the new blue jerseys that we are used to now.  Again nice photos but the chrome just takes away from that for me. 

The backs have the Wild Card logo in the upper left again, with the card number, player's name, team, position, date of birth, height, weight, and college against a gold background.  Stats are on a transparent gold background and include career stats for each player.  The stats are very basic and can be hard to read if not in proper lighting.  The background of the back of the card is a cityscape of what I'm assuming is the teams host city.  My favorite part of the rear of the card is a picture that runs along the right side of the card.  These are different pictures from what are on the front and very nice.  I really enjoyed these.  The copyright information and NFL players association are at the bottom.  Overall a nice back. 

An interesting note is a sheet you find when you open the box.  It talks about an ongoing lawsuit Wild Cards had against the NFL.  It didn't go into specifics but had won the latest round of challenges.  Definitely not something I was expecting and was an interesting side note.  Tons of doubles in this box which isn't a surprise since it only contained high series cards.  I received the Troy Aikman Ground Force chrome card which had a rookie on the backside of the card (Dana Stufflefield).  I also received a Michael Irvin Field Force card.  You don't get all the stars with this being more of an update type set so it was a little big disappointing in that regard.  But don't get me wrong.  I enjoyed opening the box and it is always fun to see something new.  Not saying I'd pick it up again but the cards are overall some nice cards and at $5 I couldn't beat the price. 

The below set description came from Beckett. 

Set Description: The 1993 Wild Card NFL football set consists of 260 standard-size cards. The first series cards are checklisted according to teams. Randomly inserted in early 1993 Wild Card packs were cards from the 1993 Stat Smashers, Field Force, and Red Hot Rookies sets. A different packaging scheme begun early in 1994 featured six Superchrome counterparts to the regular cards inserted in special Superchrome 15-card low-series and 13-card high-series hobby packs, and are valued at four to nine times the value of the regular issue cards. One of ten Superchrome Back-to-Back inserts, featuring a Field Force player on the front and a Red Hot Rookie on the back, was inserted in each 18-pack box. Also, special striped cards were randomly inserted into regular Wild Card packs. These cards came in varying "denominations" of stripes, ranging from five to 1,000, and the corresponding values for them are noted in the header below. Rookie Cards include Jerome Bettis, Drew Bledsoe, Reggie Brooks, Derek Brown, Garrison Hearst, O.J. McDuffie and Rick Mirer.

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