Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 Winter Olympics

I am someone who looks forward to the Olympics.  I was that way as a kid though in my 20's and 30's I went away from them a bit.  Too many distractions during that timeframe I think.  Now I look forward to everything it offers.  The opening and closing ceremonies, the host nation's ability to showcase their country, the rivalries, the individual stories - all of it.  This year was no different with the Winter Olympics.  I'm glad the questions about security and hotel completeness were non stories during the Olympics.  I loved seeing the closing ceremony where those putting it on poked fun at themselves as shown above.  I don't worry about politics during the games.  I'm glad Russia put on a good show.  I want the games to be the story.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't always great but that was out of everyone's control.  Love seeing the different sports that you never see in the four years in between the winter games.  Great times.  I don't have specific stories but I enjoyed it all.  The cross country skiers collapsing after finishing is one image I'll definitely take away.  Oh they had to be exhausted.  The physical and mental toughness it must take to that is something I'll always admire.  We'll just say this is my way of saying I enjoyed the Olympics and can't wait until 2016.
U.S. didn't fair too well but Olympic hockey is always a big story and is fun to watch.
Curling is one of those sports that are so unique and where I work was always a topic of conversation.  Great to see small sports like this get their time on center stage. 

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