Monday, July 23, 2018

1988 Atlanta Falcons Topps Team Set

Catching up on some the team sets I've picked up over time.  This 1988 Topps Atlanta Falcons team set documents a 1987 team that won't be remembered for much other than their 3-12 record.  I do like the design here.  Incorporating the team helmet and denoting All-Pros is a big plus.    
Scott Campbell was the best of a rag tag group of QB's going 2-7 as a starter.  Gerald Riggs was solid with 875 yards on the ground averaging 4.3 yards per carry though he only scored two touchdowns.  Floyd Dixon led the team with 36 receptions, 600 yards receiving and five touchdowns.
Back when punters got cards.  He did average 44 yards per punt.
Tony Casillas was the #2 overall pick in the '86 draft but vastly underwhelmed before winning two Super Bowl Championships with the Cowboys.
Riggs was about all the Falcons had going for them so "Carries Heavy Load" wasn't a stretch.


  1. This set looks a lot sharper in hindsight than at the time.

    1. It is amazing how time sometimes changes our view of sets. I've definitely seen that over the years.

  2. This was the first football set I ever collected. I loved it at the time. Then again I was 8 years old, so most of its appeal was seeing the helmets on the front.

  3. 1988 Topps football is a gorgeous design. One of my favorites from the 80's. Can't say the same for their baseball counterpart.