Wednesday, July 25, 2018

1988 Topps Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Set

My love for the Creamsicle unis brings me another Tampa Bay Buccaneers team set.  This time it is the 1987 team in the form of 1988 Topps football cards.  Again a nice design.  This team went 4-11 while prize rookie Vinny Testaverde went 0-4 in six games.   Seems like Steve Deberg, who started 8 games deserved a card.  If for nothing else for being the "trainer" for his replacement once again.  
  While only a head shot I like this James Wilder card.  He is an all-time favorite for me so it is probably tough to find bad cards of his.  He led this team in rushing yards and receptions but only had one touchdown and it was in the air.  Who didn't like Dopnald Igwebuike's name?  And that nose...that nose!  Gerald Carter led the team in receiving yards.  
Not really a star laden team.
Wilder gets his action photo on the team card.


  1. As a kid, I loved Creamsicles... but wasn't a big fan of Creamsicle Nation.

    1. There wasn't a lot to root for outside of the unis...