Saturday, July 14, 2018

2018 Football Classics

Been looking forward to the 2018 Football Classics cards and this blaster box was everything I could ask for.  True to it's name 29 of the 64 cards featured retired greats.  They spanned all eras to those who recently retired to those who starred in the 50's.  The design has a great throwback look perfect for what they are going for here.
  This box delivered with a Saturday Swatches Mike Evans and a Roquan Smith Blue Black parallel #/175.  These are fairly standard for the blasters and both are nice cards.
I love the L.T. card as the photo really pops.  Excellent picture of Moon in the Vikings' purple as well and you can't go wrong with Bills' legend Jim Kelly.
A trio of all-time great pass catchers this Lance Alworth card is one of favorites pulled.  That action photo and classic uni just scream all-time great.
How can you not enjoy Doug Flutie cards?
I like both of these inserts and it doesn't hurt that they'll both be PC additions.
I like the Instant Classics inserts with it's photo copy/newspaper clipping vibe.
Oh and there were current players as well - of course.  I'm not an Eli guy but I really like that photo of him in the all white uni.  
The backs are a simple three color design that I'm fine with.  Overall I really like these cards and the volume of retired legends really is great to see.  I'll definitely pick up more of these cards given the opportunity.

64 - Cards
29 - Retired Legends
3 - RC
1 - Saturday Swatches
1 - Blue/Black #/175
1 - Instant Classics
1 - Full Throttle
1 - Eras


  1. This is a set that I have looking forward to as well. I absolutely love the Legends part of the checklist, it's too bad that they couldn't have done a set just for them. From what I've read online, a lot of people seem to think that the hobby boxes are going to be considerably cheaper ($35 range) come Black Friday, so I'm thinking that I might wait and see if I can get a cheaper hobby box.

    1. I'll definitely be on the lookout for cheaper boxes down the road as well. I'm with you. As great as the legends checklist is, it seems they could have their own set.

  2. Great looking set. Especially enjoy that Saturday Swatches memorabilia card. Gonna have to see if there are any Stanford or CAL players in that set.

    1. The swatch cards are nice inclusions here. Wasn't something I was really expecting to see.