Thursday, July 12, 2018

Random Wax: 2016 Score Football

This pack of 2016 Score football was really fun.  Though there were only a few inserts the base cards delivered with tons of stars including a trio of the Falcon's best.  A bargain bin find I couldn't be happier.  When many times we get less than 30 cards per pack these are great to bust.  Prospectors will stay away but for guys just looking for cards this 440 card set can be pretty fun. 
  Scored a nice Tom Brady Franchise red parallel for the PC. 
52 - Total Cards
6 - RC
1 - Reflections
1 - Franchise
1 - Signal Callers
1 - Chain Reaction


  1. Score has a solid base card design (just like Donruss) year in and year out.

    1. Solid is a great description for Score. I couldn't agree more.