Thursday, July 26, 2018

2000 Topps Buffalo Bills Team Set

2000 Topps Buffalo Bills set showcasing the 11-5 '99 Bills.  Not a favorite design of mine but it has warmed up on me some.  Doug Flutie led this team to the playoffs before losing to the eventual AFC Champion Tennessee Titans.  Flutie was just fun to root for.  Andre Reed and Thurman Thomas were in the twilights of their careers but will always be looked at as an all-time Bills greats.  Thomas did appear in five games so i'm surprised he didn't get a card.
These were leaders on the offense with Sam Gash making the Pro Bowl.  Eric Moulds would go on to be one of the all-time great Bills receivers (2nd in receiving yards, receptions and touchdowns to Andre Reed).  
Rob Johnson was pressed into starting one regular season game, which he won, and the playoff loss to the Titans.  Jonathan Linton led the team in rushing while Antoine Smith was close behind.    
The backs are pretty nice though the font throws me off.  Doesn't mean I don't like it but it seems like there is a better one out there.  Now I'm talking about fonts...


  1. Nice looking cards! Flutie was fun to root for (his cereal wasn't bad either!)

    1. I've never had his cereal and I've eaten a ton of cereal in my life. Really seems like I'd tried it at some point. Good call.