Saturday, July 21, 2018

Cardboard Collections June Affordable Break '02 Upper Deck Diamond Connection , '03 Upper Deck 40-Man and '03 Upper Deck Denny's Grand Slam

Another fun and affordable break done by Cardboard Connections occurred in June.  This month had two more sets I was not familiar with.  I grabbed the Red Sox and my randomized second team for this break was the Marlins.  Definitely check these breaks out as it is a lot of fun.  The price is right and he always comes up with some cool boxes to break which helps make seeing some cards you may not be familiar with.  
 Manny Ramirez Top 40 and Johnny Damon All-Star subset cards.  If not for his drug use Manny might be the greatest right handed hitter of our generation.  Man it hurt when Damon left the Sox for the Yanks. 
Some of the base cards and all-time favorite Red Sox.  Wakefield was so easy to like and who doesn't like Big Papi?  Oh wait, Don Zimmer...  I really like this design and can't wait to complete the team set and look for the Braves.  A few less spring training shots would have been nice but that is a minor complaint.  
Nomar was a favorite of mine at the time and I thought getting rid of him was a huge mistake.  Good thing they don't pay me to make those decisions.  
The base design on these weren't quite as nice as the other set but it was fine.  Grabbed a Pedro which will be added to my personal collection.  That Nicolas New Releases card is actually from the 40-Man set.  The Grand Slam card came from a pack of the 2003 Upper Deck Denny's Grand Slam Cards.    
A few highlights from my Miami Marlins pull.  Ivan Rodriquez cards are always a win.  

27 - Total Cards
'03 40-Man
 - 19 - Total
  -- 13 - Red Sox
    -- 9 - Base
    -- 2 - New Releases
    -- 1 - All-Star
    -- 1 - Top 40
  -- 6 - Marlins
    -- 5 - Base
    -- 1 - New Releases
'02 Diamond Connection
 - 5 Total
  -- 3 - Marlins
  -- 2 - Red Sox
Bonus Packs
 - 2 - 1987 Topps Red Sox
'03 Denny's Grand Slam
 - 1

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