Tuesday, February 26, 2019

1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards

These 1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy cards are a good segue back to cards after looking at a couple of cool Star Wars figures.  Never opened a pack of these so it was fun.  I really liked the variety and art, the majority of which I've never seen before.  I am a Star Wars nerd but it is still fun finding interesting Star Wars sets or products. I've seen posts and reviews about the Galaxy sets from recent years and I'm always wanting to see these in hand.  There just aren't any local stores that have carried them.  I like these cards so I may have to track down some of the more recent Galaxy releases.  This Chewbacca card was my favorite with the head shot and additional foreground art creating a nice looking card that isn't the standard profile.
   This set was centered around art from a variety of artists.  These Han Solo and Chewbacca cards are nice.  While the design isn't anything special the art is solid.  
Cards in this set are based on main characters, concept art, art from promotional items or releases, and new artwork.
The backs have decent write-ups whether it be for movie characters or those who helped shaped the Star Wars universe.

This is the etched foil card I pulled.  These come 1:18 packs so it was a nice pull.

8 – Total Cards
1 – Etched Foil (1:18 Packs)


  1. I wonder if Zeb from SW Rebels was created from the art from that card next to Han and Chewie. The tall alien with the gun kinda resembles him.

    1. That card shows original concept art from Ralph McQuarrie whom George Lucas hired. Obviously his exact renderings weren't used but his art is held in high esteem by hardcore fans. But you are right. He looks a lot like him.

  2. Fuji, yes, that was the inspiration.

    I did about three packs worth when this set came out but wasn't a fan at the time. Now, though, I like them and wish I had more. The first series is the only one that had main character cards, the rest are all scenes. Some are single character scenes but a specific scene, not just of the characters themselves. I don't know if I'm explaining it right.

    1. I get what you are saying. I'll definitely need to pick up more of the later offerings to see how they look.