Saturday, February 23, 2019

2018 Rookie and Stars Football Cards

I haven't picked up a pack of Rookies and Stars since the 2016 cards so I was excited to grab a 2018 Rookie and Stars football pack at Target.  I really like the looks of the cards.  It is a clean crisp design with very good photos.  The backs are nice as well though I definitely prefer seeing some stats.  My only beef, though it is a big one, is the price.  It was $3.79 for 10 cards.  The cards seem really nice in hand but I really don't get what I'm paying for.  I guess this is considered a high end brand but at that price point I don't have reason to take it over the other football offerings from this year.  
  Again I'm on board with the design and colors.  My pull was pretty good as well netting some key players from the league.
My understanding is two RC cards per pack is pretty standard.  I like the two inserts I pulled but I won't say they wowed me.  Again I really like the base design but the price tag on these is putting me off.  It's a toss up as to me picking more of these up before they hit a bargain bin. 

10 – Total Cards
2 – RC
1 – Rookie Rush
1 – Precision Passers  


  1. Ugh. Seeing Sherman in a Niners jersey is like seeing Rickey in Yankees pinstripes.

    1. I know. It's always tough when you see guys so known for one team in a different uni.