Tuesday, April 2, 2019

2017 Topps Bunt Hobby Box Post #2

This is my second post of the 2017 Topps Bunt hobby box I recently opened.  A digital only brand prior to 2016 and after 2017, these cards weren't necessarily a hit with everyone.  For me they are fun and offer plenty to like for less money.  These infinite inserts are pretty cool and I was stoked to pull a Mike Trout.  With sets like this one you'll get is plenty of stars and that is definitely something to like so on to more players and more cards. 
  Yadier Molina is a favorite of mine and one of the best behind the plate.  I'm expecting Khris Davis to have another monster year at the plate and to bat .247 once again.  If you didn't know he's batted .247 for four years in a row.  Best record ever!  And he batted .244 the year prior to that streak.  Carlos Correa will look for a bounce back year for the Astros after injuries have hurt him a bit the last two years but he is still young and still an exciting player.  
Those Programs inserts are fun and you'll find current and retired greats on these.  Those blue parallels are one per pack so there are plenty to go around.
One thing on these cards you won't find is photos of players fielding.  Not a big deal but different.  I'm not sure why - maybe the design isn't conducive to it - but that is probably a stretch and I really don't know why.
I paid just under $60 combined for both the 2016 and 2017 Bunt hobby boxes and for me it was a great investment.  I'd liked what I'd seen of the 2016 offering in the past and was willing to give 2017 a go as well.  For me it was well worth it in the fun and great cards. 

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