Saturday, April 20, 2019

2019 Topps Bowman

This is my first in hand look at the 2019 Bowman.  Last year I opened two 2018 Bowman blasters and two value packs chasing the hot Ohtani, Acuna, and Albies cards that were in the hot class of prospects.  Bowman is all about the prospects which means plenty of players I'm not familiar with and a few veterans interspersed to break things up.  Chrome cards provide a bit more variety. The basic design here is fine.  I really like the big team logos.  I do know Justus Sheffield so he seemed like a good place to start with this post.
The two current MLB players along with a 1st Bowman card.  I like the latter as it is a definitive statement as to a player's first card with the product.
I had a total of six chrome cards in my packs.  They of course the same as the standard Bowman cards just shinier and thicker.
These are Base Paper Prospects cards.  I have no idea what that means.
These are RC cards.  I can't tell you if my pull was great or not.  I just don't know enough about prospects.  Did I like what I pulled?  Yes.  Good enough for me.
The backs are OK though they required my reading glasses to read.  Font size people!  At a minimum on the card number please.  Otherwise the backs are fine.  The info they give you provides a small snapshot of these prospects who are not known very well to most of us.  I'm not chasing anyone in the set like I was last year so there is a good chance this is my last pack of Bowman for the year.  Still I like what I see but I'm just not a prospect guy.

19 – Cards
5 – Base Paper Prospects
5 – RC
1 – 1st Bowman
6 – Chrome
 - 1 – Talent Pipeline
 - 1 – 1st Bowman
 - 1 – 30th Anniversary Bowman


  1. Still have not seen these packs in the wild yet...then again I haven’t really sought them out yet (too poor)!

    1. I just happened across them at a Wal-Mart I dont' venture in to. Last year I looked for these but this year I'm not quite as motivated to pick more up. My local Wal-Mart still doesn't have them.

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