Thursday, April 25, 2019

Avengers Comics Volume 1 Single Issues

Avengers: Endgame comes up out today in some theaters and and thanks to the suggestion of Colbey over at Cardboard Collections I've decided to share some of my comics.  Seems like showing off some of my Avengers comics would be appropriate so here goes.  These are actual scans of my comic books and all are from Volume 1.  Avengers 181 has the Avengers being told they have to pair down to seven members -  Iron Man, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Beast, Captain America, Wasp, and The Falcon.  It doesn't work out that way but I loved the large group cover art so I picked it up many years ago.  I haven't read these in decades so I won't be going into detail on these - just showing a few off.  

I picked up Avengers #182 at the same time.  Neither are great stories per se but I purchased these at a time when there was no internet and finding information on back issues wasn't exactly easy.  Still these were nice pickups.
Avengers #181-182 (March-April, 1979)  

I'm a big Rhino fan so that's why this one get's shown off.  It seems like the Avengers are a bit overkill to go after a guy whose power is brut strength.  Sill I like Rhino for no good reason and here he is.  
Avengers 237 (November, 1983)

I just liked the cover of this one with the Spider-Woman out of body experience thing going on and the characters besides the bed.  Random but it stands out to me.  Avengers 246 (August, 1984)

There were of course shiny comics back in the day as in this foil cover.  I also really like the Black Knight.  I can't say I'm an expert on him but I always loved his look. Avengers #363 (June, 1993) 

I really like the art on this Vision cover.  Another character I like and I really enjoy his character in the movies.  From the actor to how he is portrayed I just really enjoy him as well as Wanda.
Avengers #367 (October, 1993)

I'll show off more Avengers comics tomorrow.  Below is the breakdown of my Avengers collection.  I don't purchase single issues anymore, preferring to do the trade paperbacks.  I plan on selling off the majority of my singles in my collection.  But selling comics is tough especially when they've sat for 15 - 20 years.  You have to figure out if each issue is special or just average for pricing, shipping is expensive, scan them or take photos and it is all time consuming.  But it is time.  Hopefully I'll find an easier avenue for selling it all off.  I'll share more of my comic collection over time.   

Volume 1   181-182, 230, 232-246, 248, 269, 271,360-369,371-375,400
Annual   12, 13,22
Volume 3   1 (Alternate Cover), 39,41, 50-84, 500 - 503
Finale   N/A
New Avengers   1-9, 12-17
Wizard   0
Wizard Special Edition   N/A


  1. #181 is the first appearance of Scott Lang (Ant-Man) so you should be able to get something decent for it regardless of its condition. Heck, I may even be interested in it! #246 is the first appearance of Maria Rambeau (Monica’s mother, from the Captain Marvel movie). Not worth a lot, but may jump in price down the road if they introduce Monica as Photon into the MCU.

    1. Good to know. Yeah definitely let me know if you're interested. I'm just not sure yet what to do with all the single issues I have.

  2. Love seeing the entire team on the #181 cover! Don't really collect comics, but if I stumbled across that book for a fair price, I'd grab it.

  3. Beautiful covers!Damn,when comics were great!

    1. I'm the same way with alot of characters. Not an expert on their backgrounds but loved their looks and how they were portrayed In the comics.

    2. I'm with you. Some just stand out to me and I can still appreciate them without knowing the whole story.

  4. Awesome comics. I will share some of my Iron Man sketch cards tomorrow to celebrate the release.

  5. Even though he didn't do a lot, I always liked Rhino too, but you're right, having him face the entire Avengers was a bit silly.

    1. It is comics. Just have to stretch our imagination a little. ;)