Friday, April 26, 2019

Move Avengers Comics From My Collection

Just showing off more of my Avengers comic collection as Avengers: Endgame should be in full swing today.  The Falcon is my favorite Marvel character so it isn't any surprise I'd want to showcase this comic book.  
Avengers Vol 3 #64 (April, 2003)

Another cool cover for me.  I've always kind of had a thing for Wasp and this cover sticks out for me.
Avengers Vol 3 #71 (November, 2003)

Another nice looking team shot on the cover.  I was always partial to Iron Man, Scarlett Witch, Vision and Hawkeye.  Captain America didn't really do it for me when I read comics but I really enjoy his character in the movies.  
Avengers Vol 3 #80 (May, 2004)

I really like the art on this one especially that of the ladies.  
Avengers Vol 3 #502 (September, 2004)

I have a few annuals as well.  I also have quite a few West Coast Avengers and the highlights from that run will be up on the blog sometime as well. 
Avengers Annual #12 (September, 1983)

Wizard, the popular comic magazine at the time put out specials pertaining to particular titles from time to time which were fun.  I like the cover here except for Thor's face.  Something is off there.  I subscribed to Wizard for years and really liked that magazine.

Again all these will probably go at some time except for a select few.  I'll look at showcasing other comics in my collection over time.  Below is my Avengers collection detailed out.
Volume 1   181-182, 230, 232-246, 248, 269, 271,360-369,371-375,400
Annual   12, 13,22
Volume 3   1 (Alternate Cover), 39,41, 50-84, 500 - 503
Finale   N/A
New Avengers   1-9, 12-17
Wizard   0
Wizard Special Edition   N/A


  1. Ah, the infamous Avengers #71 where Hank Pym goes small to, uhm, play hanky panky with Janet. The Lionhear of Avalon story is where I really kicked off my Avengers collection, then started to work backwards. I’ve since sold my Avengers collection, but came back to the title with the current series.

    1. I may have to re-read #71. Probably why I bought it. lol Their relationship in Ultimate Avengers was also fun. ;)

  2. I haven't seen one in quite some time... but when I find cheap copies of Wizard at the flea market, I'll pick them up. I don't really consider myself a comic book collector, but I still find the magazine an interesting read.

    1. I thought it was a great magazine back in the day when I was actively reading comic books.