Monday, April 22, 2019

Random Wax: 2019 Topps Opening Day

A little baseball in honor of the Red Sox winning their first series of the year.  I still have a 2004 Red Sox World Series Championship t-shirt and hat.  I also had a hoodie with the design Pedro is wearing.  That championship was so special.  To the cards - these 2019 Topps Opening Day still keep on delivering for me.  I love this Pedro Martinez card.  He was so fun to watch and a character off the field - in a good way.  Great way to start this off.
    Some Red Sox mascot fun!
Those 150 Years of Fun inserts are great though the "fun" part is lost in some of the photos.
I was happy with my pull.  Plenty of fun cards and stars to keep me happy.
Great card and photo!
24 – Total Cards
4 – RC
2 – 150 Years of Fun
1 – Mascot


  1. I like the 2019 Opening Day set. Are going to build the set? I have many base cards that I can help you if needed. I am still trying to finish the Indians team set from OD.

    1. I'll see what kind of Indians I have for you. I'm not going to do the set. I thought about it but decided against it. I may want some different cards though I'm looking for. Let me check.

  2. I obtained a pack of 2015 Opening Day cards awhile back and am enjoying them a lot. I am going to see if they are easy enough to find so I can start a set of them. (@miquelvesser)

    1. I like the Opening Day sets. Small fun set that keeps it simple. Good luck to you.