Thursday, April 4, 2019

2019 Gypsy Queen Value Pack

The 2019 Gypsy Queen value packs come with three packs of six cards each and a pack of five green parallels for $9.99.  I've always liked Gypsy Queen and they did a good job again this year.  This was a really cool Rhys Hoskins card.  I thought it may be a variation, of which there are some cool ones, but it is not.  Still I really like the photo.
A Brave, Red Sox, and green parallel of a PC guy so I can't complain.  This set has more color than years past.  While not bright it does the trick.  The retro feel on these cards is always appealing and they did a good job leaving plenty of room for the photos to shine.
That Dylan Bundy is a logo swap variation.  Base versions like this one are found 1:29 packs.  The backs are OK for what they are.  Simple and clean.
You'll get to see players in their new unis as well like Andrew McCutchen and Robinson Cano.  I don't care if these are photo shopped or not - and I really don't know - but I like them.  They look  good to me.  I'll definitely pick up more of these as I get a chance.

I don't go in for different sized cards though I know many do.  Just not my thing.  If I have to pull one a reigning MVP and all-around great player is the way to go though.

23 – Total Cards
5 – Green Parallels
1 – Logo Swap Variation


  1. I've never been a fan of the GQ brand but I might make an exception for this year's. very nice cards!

    1. Agreed. I was very happy with this year's offering.

  2. Cano and McCutchen almost don't even look like themselves.

    1. I'm assuming they just photoshopped photos of each with their previous teens.