Friday, August 9, 2019

2019 Donruss Elite Football Cards

This 2019 Donruss Elite football pack is heavy on star power but you won't find many inserts here.  These cards fall into the shiny category.  Not necessarily my thing but the design isn't bad.  The photos are also pretty good.  I probably won't search out more packs of these as the price point for these is a bit tough at $10 for a "value pack".  I guess you are paying for making them shiny.
Like I said you'll see plenty of stars here which is always a good thing.  The pack was all base cards except for one insert.  
The photos really focus on the individual player.  Seems like they made a point of that when choosing what to put on the cards.
I actually like the backs better than the fronts.  They aren't shiny and nice and colorful.  The photo is a duplicate of the front.  My pack had three pink parallels.  Why do we need pink parallels for football cards?  
I do like the Dual Threats Larry Fitzgerald below though the photo ends up being pretty small.  The 2019 Donruss Elite are nice cards but this is a brand I won't go search out.

30 - Total Cards
3 - Pink Parallel
1 - Dual Threats

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