Saturday, August 17, 2019

2019 Donruss Racing NASCAR Blaster with Relic

Been wanting to check out the 2019 Donruss NASCAR cards and finally got the chance. I really like these cards.  In the past this set wasn't always a hit with me but I love the variety this year.  I kicked this post off with this Kurt Busch Contenders card which I really like as opposed to a base, which are good too, but this take on Panini's Contenders brand really stood out to me.  Plenty of color while working in the driver and his car nicely.  They did miss an opportunity as the Section/Row/Seat is the same for every driver as opposed to how it is done in Panini's basketball and football Contenders offerings where it is specific info to each player.
The base cards have many different cards with this being the base design.  These pictured include a standard card, nickname variation, and legends card.  I like the design which we've seen across Panini sports this year and I think it works well with racing.
Here we have Classics, Race Kings and Originals inserts.  I like all three of these.  Classics is a nod to the football design by Panini and Originals is not one I've seen before but I like it.  The Race Kings cards are always a favorite of mine.  This year they went in a different direction with full body shots of drivers.  I'm good with it though I prefer the more traditional take a little more.  Rusty is my all-time favorite driver so I was happy to pull him.
A few of the Retro 1986 cards.  Not a favorite design of mine but I'm fine with them overall.  The Terry Labonte is a black parallel #/199.
The Next In Line cards showcase young drivers while the Retro Rated Rookie cards take a look back at drivers during their younger days.  I like that.  While this isn't the greatest Michael Waltrip photo he does get props for the hair.  The Austin Dillon is a nice Optic card that is one of four in the box. 
A couple of the car cards.  I always like photos of cars and these ring the bell.
Just a few more cards for grins.  Speaking of you don't see Kyle Busch smiling that often and that quasi smile might be as close as you get.  Past champions Richard Petty and Dale Jarrett look good in their way back photos.
Speaking of The King Richard Petty these are all pretty sweet cards. You can't go wrong with Petty who dominated the sport for so long.
My relic was this Ryan Newman Race Day Relics.  Nice design but wouldn't have minded a different driver.  Still I can't complain.  Again I really enjoyed this box in particular the variety that really made this a fun blaster.  I'll definitely look for more of these as I can.  Seems like there are plenty of drivers and inserts here still to chase and I'm up for it.  The boys are in Bristol tonight at 6:30 EST.

51 – Total Cards
13 – Retro 1986
11 – Retired Greats
5 – Silver Parallel
4 - Optic
3 – Cars
3 – Legends
3 – Retro Rated Rookie
2 – Race Kings
2 – Optic Red Wave Parallels
1 – Icons
1 – Originals
1 - Contenders
1 – Classics Set
1 – Next In Line
1 – Race Day Relics
1 – Decades of Speed
1 – Black Parallel #/199


  1. The Classics design is awesome! I can see why they're using it across different sports. The Originals is similar to the 1988 Maxx design. It's not the same... but they vaguely resemble each other.

    1. I'm not surprised Originals was a nod to an earlier design. I'm just not that familiar with earlier sets. Fun design. I like it.

    2. I'm not 100% sure it is. Could just be a coincidence... but it was similar enough to catch my eye.