Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Free State of Jones Movie Review

The Matthew McConaughey movie Free State of Jones is the last of the movies I'll look at this week.  Set during the Civil War, and based on real world events, the movie follows a Confederate deserter who goes back home.  Not happy with how folks are being treated he starts his own revolution in his county and surrounding area.  The Confederate Army had to try and deal with this uprising best they could considering there was a full scale war on with the North.  Small areas or counties revolting actually happened in a few areas of the South which was something I was unaware of until I did some reading.  Matthew McConaughey does a good job in the lead roll and the movie as a whole was very good.  It seemed a bit slow in parts but this isn't a Civil War movie per se nor is it an action movie though there is action in it.  The story is presented well and didn't seem to stray too far from the truth though plenty of liberties are taken as there always are when a movies like these are done.  I also learned a few things along the way.  Me and pop again enjoyed this one and I'd recommend it for folks to watch.  The trailer can be seen here


  1. Now this is my kind of movie. Big fan of movies based on real events. Just added it to my NF watchlist. Thanks for the review.

  2. That was a really great movie. I wish it got more coverage.