Friday, August 30, 2019

Michigan Wolverines 2019 Football Preview

The 2019 Michigan Wolverines football season brings with it hope and optimism.  Of course every season does.  Last year a week one loss to Notre Dame cast a shadow over the season and for what seems like forever Blue again lost to Ohio State.  That was followed up by a humiliating loss to Florida in the Peach Bowl.  The defense was good against lesser opponents but not against really good teams.  The offense was good but against the really good teams it also struggled.  

Shea Patterson is a good quarterback but hasn't taken his talent to the next level.  This year a new offensive coordinator brings with him an up tempo scheme.  This could really go well or really go bad.  The offense may score a ton of points but if it doesn't work out well the defense could see a lot of time on the field which would be bad.

I like Jim Harbaught and hope this year goes well but the natives will get restless if this is a down year or Michigan can't beat Ohio State.  The schedule isn't easy but they are good enough to get to the Ohio State game undefeated.  Hopefully that is how it plays out and the Wolverines get that much needed victory.  Ohio State is going through their own change with a new coach which comes with it the unknown.  We'll see how it plays out but maybe the new offense will provide the team with the spark it needs to go to the next level.  Game 1 is tomorrow so there is still hope...


  1. I like Harbaugh. Hope your Wolverines have a great season. Maybe they'll meet Stanford at the Rose Bowl this year.

    1. Good luck to Stanford. I'd like to see that matchup come New Years Day. Week 1 was good to both of us.

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