Monday, August 19, 2019

Hell or High Water Movie Review

Starring Chris Pine , Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster and Gil Birmingham Hell or High Water is about two bank robber brothers and the Texas Rangers chasing them in small West Texas towns.  I knew nothing about this movie prior to buying the Blu-Ray/DVD combo for $4.99 on Amazon.  This is an excellent movie and my pop enjoyed the movie as much as I did.  While centered around bank robberies the actors really do star here.  Chris Pine and Jeff bridges do the heavy lifting but Ben Foster and Gil Birmingham hold their own with each of the leads.  The characters are what you enjoy as they tell this tale and that is due to a good story and acting.  While it was made in 2016 the movie really has a throwback feel to it.  As always I’m not great at analyzing movies but I can say I recommend this movie to everyone.  Trailer can be seen here.  On a side note. I grew up in Southeast New Mexico and lived there part of my adult life as well.  Some of the scenes were shot in Clovis, New Mexico where I lived for 10 years.  Pretty cool seeing scenes from a home town as well as the surrounding area I’m pretty familiar with.  Nice little connection to the movie that I didn’t know about until after the movie though a few scenes look way familiar and now I know why – I’d driven those streets before.  I’ll do a few more quick hits on movies this week to catch up. 


  1. I'd say you did a great job analyzing this movie. Well... I haven't seen the movie, but you sound like you know what you're talking about. If I see a cheap copy of this movie at the flea market, I'll grab it.

    1. I feel so not smart when trying to analyze movies. Thanks.