Tuesday, August 6, 2019

2019 Topps Baseball Stickers

Topps changed things up with their 2019 Topps baseball stickers.   They are the now the size of a standard card and have a trading card on the back of the sticker.  This Aaron Judge is the sticker part of this card.  The albums have more pages this year as well and that is probably to accommodate the larger stickers.  
Three more stickers shown here.  I like the base designs quite a bit.  I would like to see this on a regular card.  The card stock is pretty thin but I like what Topps did this year.  
These are the backs of the three stickers above them and are the trading card.  The design is a bit busy but it is nice to have something left when you take the sticker off.

This is the back of the Aaron Judge sticker.  There were a total of four cards in my pack.  I'm pretty happy with these stickers/cards and may grab some more considering I really like that sticker design.

4 - Total Stickers/Cards
1 - Homerun Derby
1 - 150 Years
1 - Retired Great

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