Friday, August 2, 2019

2019 Topps SummerSlam Wrestling Cards

Topps is doing separate sets for each of their major events and this Topps SummerSlam set helps everyone get ready for the big event which is just two weeks away (11 August).  I like this set and I really think it is the design of these roster cards that catches my eye.  The photos are the standard "stand there and smile" variety but I like the colors and the way they look.  They seem to pop to me.
The lovely ladies are of course represented well and are always a favorite of mine in these sets.  Great Bayley photo on her card.
The Greatest Royal Rumble card is one of the Lead-Up cards which highlight matches from the past.  I'm not familiar with the Bludgeon Brothers but I like that card.  I really like the Poster Spotlight card with John Cena and Brock Lesnar as well. 
More Lead-Up cards. 
I love this photo on the Triple H SummerSlam All-Stars card.  You get to see so much of the audience behind him and the energy/excitement is pretty cool.
Some have said Topps is being repetitive with their WWE sets this year and there is some truth to that but I like the variety.   

20 - Total Cards
11 - Roster Cards
4 - SummerSlam Lead-Up Cards
2 - SummerSlam All-Stars
2 - SummerSlam's Greatest Matches & Moments
1 - Poster Spotlight
1 - Intercontinental Championship