Sunday, August 4, 2019

2019 Prestige Football

Wal-Mart had the 2019 Prestige football cards and this week the NFL preseason is in full swing with the Hall of Fame game so football it is today.  This design is a bit plain compared to years past.  
  I like the photos and the design does provide plenty of room for the photos to shine.  It kind of looks like Big Ben is trying to avoid the Prestige logo on his card.  Maybe that logo could go somewhere else on the card.
The Prestigious Pros and Banner Season inserts really didn't do much for me.
I love old school so the Old School insert of Mark Gastineau is a great pull.  Man I remember him back in the day.  Such a force.  This will definitely a set I will chase.  Unfortunately he is the only retired great in the pack.
The backs are fairly standard fair but they are colorful which is nice.
Prestige isn't like Score where you'll find a bunch of inserts.  This pack was heavy on base cards.  That isn't a negative for me per se.  The photos are nice but otherwise but not a lot here to bring me back.  I can still see me picking up more of these.
This Blue-Chip Recruits is my favorite insert.  We get to see a player in his college uni and the design works for me.
30 – Total Cards
6 – RC
2 – Green Parallels
1 – Old School
1 - Retired Greats
1 – Banner Season
1 – Prestigious Pros
1 – Blue-Chip Recruits


  1. You're right about some of those inserts being kind of uninteresting, but seeing Mark Gastineau in a modern set sure is cool... definitely the best card in the pack!

    1. No lie. Great seeing him in that old Jets uni.

  2. That Gastineau is awesome! It was fun watching the NY Sack Exchange back in the day.