Saturday, August 31, 2019

Georgia Bulldogs 2019 Season Preview

Georgia is good, really good and last year's 11-3 finish was really disappointing.  An in season loss to LSU and a close loss to Alabama in the conference championship were heartbreaking.  By the time the loss to Texas in the Sugar Bowl came along it was tough to care anymore.  Two years from a National Championship game appearance Georgia is ranked #3 in many polls headed into the season.  With Jake Fromm (30 TD/6 Int) returning there's no reason to believe Georgia can't compete again this year at the highest level.

The rest of the offense is good to really good to great.  There's no reason they can't contend come season's end.  Notre Dame and Florida loom as big games during the season.  The Bulldogs will need to put their stamp on the season by beating those teams.  Though a loss may still get them in the SEC Championship that's not where you want to be.  You want to be that elite team.  Be undefeated when you meet who we assume will be Alabama.  Get to the playoffs and take care of business.  Easier said than done but now is the time.  Fromm is at the top of his game, the Bulldogs offensive line is excellent and the offense as a whole should be able to pound teams into submission.  It is great seeing Georgia's rise to prominence but it is so hard seeing them come up short. 


  1. Unless Stanford climbs their way into the Top 5 or something... I probably won't be watching too much college football this season. That being said... I hope your team takes home the SEC Championship.

    1. Thanks. Hopefully they'll be there come the end of the season and they played 'Bama close last year. Maybe they can do it again this year.