Sunday, May 10, 2020

1990 Score Series 1 Football

1990 Score Footbal Ser. 1:   This was a really fun pack.  The design isn't necessarily my favorite but at the time it was fun and different.  I'm pretty sure I opened up a ton of this back in the day.  This Junior Seau is great.  I don't remember this card but it features a good action photo as well as it being Seau in that USC jersey.  
This pack is part of another Amazon buy where I picked up 100+ cards in unopened packs.  That number ended up being seven packs and I was happy with what I received.  Junk wax yes but I knew going in that's what I was getting for my $10.  Vance Johnson and that TD celebration is definitely something I remember from back in the day.
Plenty of defensive firepower here.
These trivia cards are always fun.  Jacoby Jones (Ravens) now has the record at 108 yards set against the 49ers.  This Marino is a great way to end this pack.  Between him and Seau this was a really good pack.  Can't wait to show off some of the other football packs I grabbed.

16 – Total Cards
2 – 1990 Rookie
1 – Ground Force
1 – Magic Motion Trivia


  1. Although the 1989 Score football design is better (in my opinion), I still think that the 1990 Score football design is solid. I opened up a lot of these packs back in the day.

    P.S. That Vance Johnson is awesome!

    1. I really liked the design back in the day. I still like it today. Just wish they had put a logo somewhere on there.

  2. The subsets in this set were top notch, and in my mind, more than made up for the less than stellar design of the actual set.

    1. Definitely some cool subsets in this set. I like the the running backs, receivers and QBs each had their own.