Friday, May 22, 2020

Mail Day from The Diamond King

Thanks to Kevin over at The Diamond King blog for some great cards.  He showed these off here originally on his blog and when I commented on how much I liked them he reached out.  I'm excited he did as I like all these cards.  I've only scanned in a portion of the cards he sent but I do want to show off some of what he sent.
I'm a big fan of his SkyBox set and I love these team checklist cards. I think with time my admiration has only grown.  
It's awesome seeing these old classic logos.  That Nuggets' logo is such a classic design.  This Warriors design is one I like too and the Mavs were definitely solid.
And who doesn't miss the Supersonics logo?   It's also easy to forget the Wizards were the Bullets originally.  Love these cards.
I'm a fan of helmet cards so these were right up my alley.  They are from a 1995 Pacific set but really I can't find any information or details.
  Each team has two cards but they share the same card number.  So it looks like one is a variation.
The backs have some decent facts about the early years of the franchise and this one also talks about the Ram moving to St. Louis.  Did that work out?  The local fans here are not happy, Super Bowl victory, or not.
Like anything of this age we get to see some cool old school logos.  Both of these are really good though I don't have any issues with the Broncos' new logo.  Really fun mail day and I'm very happy Kevin made the effort.  Thanks!
Love Bucco Bruce!


  1. Love that Sonics logo. I've got a Gary Payton jersey hanging up in my classroom.

    1. Sweeet. That logo and those jerseys are classics.

  2. It's amazing how good those Skybox team logos still look, even after all of these years!

    1. I don't know how they've aged so well but I'm glad they have.