Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Random Wax: 2016-2017 Hoops Basketball

2016-2017 Hoops Basketball:  This is a pretty good looking set with the floorboard background in team colors.  Always fun ripping older packs to see how they age.  This was a fun pack led off by this guy and I'm a big Steph Curry fan.  
Can't argue with any of these guys either.  All three are studs.  I so hope we get to finish the season in some way shape or form.  The NBA was great this year and I'd love to see the Davis-James Lakers and George-Leonard Clippers clash in the playoffs.
Siakam is a great RC to pick up here.  Not only is he a raining NBA Champion he has taken his game to a new level this year.  23PPG/7.5RPG/3.5APG while hitting 35% from three.  He really deserved his first All-Star nod.  I like Robin Lopez and he is playing besides his brother Brook on the East leading Bucks this year.  That Dieng parallel is #/75.
Howard was on the Hawks for one season and was his usual really good self but wasn't a fit for a rebuilding team.  DeAndre Jordan was part of the big three in LA which is no more as they were all traded away.
I'm not the biggest Dwyane Wade guy but this is a pretty cool card...and he is a Hall of Famer.  This was a great pack.  So much star power.  I'll always pick these up when I can.

30 – Total Cards
3 – RC
1 – End2End
1 – Blue Parallel
1 – Orange Explosion Parallel #/75


  1. Some cool cards here. My co-worker is a big D-Wade fan. I don't think he collects cards though.

    1. I don't see too many Wade fans but I know Heat fans love that dude.

  2. This is a Bay Area kid's dream pack! Nice action shots of Steph and Klay.