Friday, May 8, 2020

Random Wax: 2019 Topps Update

2019 Topps Update:  There's more concrete rumors of the return of baseball.  In what shape and time frame is still to be determined but it's still fun just having the discussion.  I like the update packs with the All-Star Game cards.   These are always favorites of mine.  This guy is a great player.  His and the Astros legacy has been tarnished mightily of course.  I'd love to see some if these great young players bounce back with really good seasons.  Definitely a story worth watching.
I'm already a big fan of Freddie Freeman but the more I hear him like when he was mic'd up during the all-star game I like him even more.
Verlander happened to be pitching to Freeman when he was mic'd up.
I like the '84 throwbacks and Perennial All-Star cards.  The Bryce Harper cards made sense while this year's Rhys Hoskins inserts are a head scratcher.
I really lke that photo of Avisail Garcia.  Not sure why but hey it works.  Joe Kelly hasn't quite excelled in L.A. but I'll always remember him for his great work for the Red Sox in their World Series victory over those same Dodgers.
Some nice photos on these horizontal cards - especially that Pence.  A Fun pack of cards.  Hopefully we'll get more details soon on MLB is hoping to do.  
34 – Total Cards
1 – RC
6 – All-Star Game
3 – Veteran Combos
1 – 1984 Topps
1 – Rookie Debut
1 – Homerun Derby
1 – Perennial All-Stars
1 – Welcome to Philly
1 – Rainbow Foil Parallel


  1. I'd love to be more optimistic about a 2020 baseball season but it looks doubtful to me. There's quite a few major hurdles in the way. Will most players feel safe enough to play even though there's many new cases/deaths each day? How do the managers/coaches/others who are in their 60's or older feel about coming out of quarantine? What happens if a player or coach tests positive or coronavirus during the shortened season?

    As far as 2019 Topps Update, I love the cards but wish the All-Star cards could have been produced with a different design (such as the ol' Sporting New All-Stars seen in vintage and Heritage sets).

    1. You are right there a ton of things that have to be figured out and go right for a season to happen right now. I think they'll figure it out but it does seem like a player or players testing positive could derail the whole thing. I'd like the ASG logo to be a bit more prominent here. Maybe on a white or somewhat transparent background. The Sporting News design is a favorite too.