Friday, May 1, 2020

1978 Grease Series 1 Pack

1978 Grease:  Another pack from my Bob Rewak ebay store purchase.  This one is Grease with the lovely Olivia Newton-John.  I'm sure there are others in the movie as well but boy did she leave an impression on young lads like myself.  And the music video to Physical hadn't even been released yet!  But Black Leather Sandy was a knockout!  This is a fun movie I always enjoy.
The design on these is great.  I love the Grease logo as the car.  The cards numbers on the front is again a fun addition like we saw on the King Kong cards.  Maybe that was a 70's Topps thing.  Series II cards had green borders.
The pack comes with a sticker as well.  In this case I got the sticker twin to one of my base cards. 
The backs had a piece of a puzzle or a generic write-up like this one.  There was also a piece of bubble gum in the pack that somehow never broke in the last 42 years.   
These are fun cards.  It helps that I like the movie of course.  The centering can be way off but that is another 70's thing.  The screen shots are fun and take you back to fun moments in the movie. I really enjoyed this pack and I'm glad I picked this one up.
8 – Total Cards
1 – Sticker
1 – Piece of Gum (Whole)



  1. It's funny, I like musicals, but I've still never seen this film!

    1. Definitely a classic. Not sure how a new viewer would take to it but I say give it a shot!

  2. Haven't watched this movie in years... but it's a classic. Pretty sure 75% of the boys in America had a crush on Olivia Newton-John back in the 70's. I was only 6 years old and already knew she was hot. I think it's pretty cool that Topps showed her smoking a cig. I wonder if they had pictures of Winona smoking in their Stranger Things set.

    1. That's a good catch. I didn't even think about her smoking on the card. Ryder did smoke a lot in Stranger Things but I don't think I've seen any with her doing it yet. Hmmm...