Friday, May 29, 2020

Mail Day from Topps Cards That Never Were

Mail day from the Topps Cards That Never Were blog.  Jeremy reached out about a trade and boom a box of over 100 great cards ended up in my mailbox.  Make sure you check out his blog.  He does a great job doing up custom cards how he'd want to see them done.  He's extremely talented and it's fun seeing his alternative card universe.  Picking a favorite from what he sent was almost impossible but this Hank Aaron 3000 hits club card is a great place to start.  I really like this card and you hardly ever hear his hits total brought up when his name is mentioned (chicks did the long ball) but he is third all-time with an amazing 3,771 hits.  
 I received some great custom cards of some of my all-time favorite players.  Again he does such a good job.  I wasn't expecting these cool cards and was stoked to find them in my package.
The cards were mainly Red Sox and Braves so I was a happy man.  Many of which were PC guys including these three studs.
So many of these I'd never seen so now owning these cool cards is awesome.
Babe Ruth (Red Sox) <insert crying emoji here>  I really like these Ted Williams and Jimmie Foxx cards.
I like this Legends in the Making set and didn't have this Albies card yet.  The Dale Murphy and Hank Aaron cards are both cards I've never seen before.
I'd never seen any of the Father's Day cards so this Jackie Bradley Jr. was a fun inclusion.
He also took the time to look over my PC guys.  The McCutcheon is great.  I love All-Star game cards and I like that jersey.  Mike Trout - 'nuff said.
  Tim Wakefield is a PC guy for me and Youkilis and Varitek will always have a special place in Red Sox fandom as players from that '04 Championship team.  That Varitek is one of a few numbered cards I received.
More PC guys.  
There were quite a few minis as well including the Glavine below.  Thanks again to Jeremy.  Check out his blog and card handiwork.


  1. The customs are very cool, and I like seeing all those Red Sox of course. The Jim Rice Donruss '20 doesn't look half bad for a logoless card with a recycled design.

    1. Rice can make any design look good... almost any...

  2. The 2011 Lineage Standups are a cool insert set. Always wanted to own one of the original 1964's.

    1. It is a cool card and the first one I've seen.