Monday, January 22, 2018

2017-2018 Donruss Basketball

My first look at the 2017-2018 Panini NBA cards. Not a fan this year.  In the past I've been pretty happy with this set but the gold or bronze borders really don't do anything for me.  It all begins and ends there with me.  Otherwise there is plenty of space for the full bleed photos, the logo and player's name and position.  My pull was also pretty good nailing it with Kawhi Leonard, John Wall, Kyle Lowry, and the Greek Freak base cards.  Even with 30 cards per pack I've opened a few stinkers before so this pack was strong from that point of view.  
I also grabbed Russell Westbrook, Marc Gasol and Rudy Gobert cards.  
Parallels and inserts included a Westbrook Swishful Thinking, Myles Turner parallel though I'm not sure the color, and De'Aaron Fox Rated Rookie that highlighted the newbies.  A lack of Retro (which look cool) and Hall or Court King insert cards in this pack was definitely a negative.  I know they aren't guaranteed but I've been lucking in pulling the "King" cards in the past and always look forward to those. 
I won't doubt I'll grab one more pack of these but will most likely chase PC guys and some of the retired greats in the set which usually are a highlight for me.  On pure design and look I'm not excited but again the pull was great from my point of view.    



  1. I just got a blaster on Saturday, but have not opened it. I agree on the color would be much nicer.

    1. Can't wait to see what your blaster had for ya. The more I look at the cards they are growing on me...a little...but would have preferred something more along the lines of what you mentioned.