Saturday, January 13, 2018

2017 Donruss Football Mega Box

I like these mega boxes so I grabbed a 2017 Donruss Football box when I had the chance.  These contain seven retail and three hobby packs meaning you have a chance of pulling some nice inserts.  I won't blabber on about these since this is my third post on these cards and will instead just show off some more of them.  I'm a big Doug Williams fan so I was really stoked to grab his Legends of the Fall card.  Matt Ryan was also a nice pull of one of my Falcons.  
Always liked these cards and the breaks over at always keep me wanting more.
Tons of inserts here.  
I always love seeing the retired legends which is another reason I enjoy the Donruss brand so much.
I was never a fan of the '81 Donruss baseball card design but like seeing it here on the 1981 tribute cards.  
86 - Total Cards
1 - Base Press Proof
8 - Retired Legends (1 Press Proof)
6 - Rated Rookie
6 - RC (1 Press Proof)
2 - The Elite Series (1 Rookie)
2 - Gridiron Kings
2 - The Rookies
1 - Up Tempo
1 - Legends of the Fall
1 - Dominator
1 - 82 Donruss
1 - Diecut Press Proof
1 - The Legends Series

1 - Highlights

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