Monday, January 29, 2018

Star Wars Bloodline by Claudia Gray

As always I’ll caveat this with the fact that I’m not good at reviewing books but I do like putting down a few thoughts on books I read.  Star Wars Bloodline centers on Princess Leia and the politics of which she is such a big part.  It is a good book for giving us some behind the scenes of what has happened previously with the government.  This is one of the few canon books I’ve read but intend on catching up.  This book is good.  I enjoyed the political tone and to be honest I thought some of the action/adventure thrown in seemed forced or even over the top but again I think it is a good book. I can’t say there a ton of direct ties from this book to the new movies but there are a few things that carry forward.  There are also some good characters introduced here.  It's a shame we'll probably never see them in the movies though I read one of the characters is seen briefly.  Next I’ll start to tackle the Star Wars Aftermath books.    

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  1. Purchased the Timothy Zahn SW books years ago... and never read them. I'd love to read the Aftermath books, but I probably read the Thrawn trilogy first.