Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Justice League MetaX Trading Card Game Cards

Saw these Justice League MetaX trading card packs at the local Dollar Tree and had to snag a pack to see what they are about.  I don't know anything about the card game itself but the cards aren't bad looking.  At least some of them, if not all, use art from the comics.  The first card with Superman, Nightwing, and Catwoman is done by Jim Lee and I really like his art.  While the fronts aren't art driven they are still nice pieces.  I could see folks adding cards from this game to their collection.
The cards themselves are playing card thin and a bit smaller than normal trading cards.  Not something I'd look to collect or buy more of but for a dollar I was more than willing to take a look at these cards.  Overall I think they are kinda cool and if I was younger I wouldn't doubt I might give the game a shot.  


  1. I've always enjoyed collecting TCG cards since the early days of Pokemon. I really loved the Star Wars ones. If I found these on the cheap, I'd definitely buy them. The character cards like the SuperGirl have always been my favorite.

    1. I would probably be all over the Star Wars and comic ones if I had the time, and budget, to add them to my collecting habit. There is definitely some cool stuff out there.